{welcome to esthibar}
where natural beauty is enhanced simply

I enjoy waxing because it's instant gratification, like "mowing the lawn". I love seeing all the unwanted hair come out and the look on clients' faces when they see the results; from non believers to ritual waxees. I love seeing all the hair come out. you will love it too.

While I'm not bringing out the better brow in you skillfully with thread, and busy (man)scaping, I enjoy crocheting. I taught myself to crochet and turns out, I'm quite good at it.

I am also a huge foodie; I'll eat anything that taste, mm, only delicious. I also love to travel. my goal is to go to as many places around the world.

come see me and it'll be a hangout/date with your BFF, (minus the awkward nude part of course). we will have a good time. 

~ana huang~