dermaplaning is a form of physical exfoliation for the face. it is performed by using a sterile surgical blade, to gently scrape off the dead skin cells. it only touches the outermost layer.
it may sound scary, but i will not be cutting your skin, or going into the dermal layers at all. this method is actually very gentle. you will barely feel anything and it's also very relaxing. 

here is a more sciencey description.

"Dermaplaning is the controlled scraping of the skin using a sterile, surgical blade held at a 45 degree angle for theremoval of keratinized cells on the outer stratum corneum and fine vellous hair. "

dermaplane ~ 80
you may schedule a consult prior if you have questions, or are uncertain.


*minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars
*leaves skin smooth, supple, and vibrant
*increases penetration of active ingredients in treatment room and home care products
*improved makeup application
*reveals fresher and newer skin beneath
*promotes cell turnover
*bonus: removes peach fuzz

what's in it:

double cleanse
skin prep
organic enzyme peel
LED & cold rolling
eye creme
tin of organic sunscreen

who is it NOT for (contraindications):

*botox or Fillers - Wait 1 week (Dermaplaning can be done prior to receiving Botox &/or fillers)
*retin-A - Wait 5 days (first treatment this is very important. Subsequent treatments may adjust to fewer days)
*chemical peel or laser treatment - Wait 14 days depending upon strength of peel or laser
*clients prone to PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation) - Pretreat for at least 2 weeks prior todermaplaning with melanin suppressant serum
*diabetes - Must be under control by diet or medication
*cancer - Not while undergoing treatment
*accutane or Isotretinoin - After 12 months of non-use and with doctors approval
*blood thinners or history of bleeding problems/delayed coagulation following injury
*higher dosages or frequency of use of Aspirin (may cause bleeding problems)
*acne - Grade 3 or above, active rosacea flare ups
*pustular acne lesion that is red and irritated
*cystic acne lesion - Avoid area
*cold Sores - Reschedule
*moles & Skin Tags - Avoid area
*sunburn or windburned skin
*clients who are experiencing high anxiety