*** important! who it's NOT for (contraindications): ***

  • botox or Fillers - Wait 1 week (Dermaplaning can be done prior to receiving Botox &/or fillers)
  • retin-A, differin gel, other prescribed acne topical agents- Wait 7 days (first treatment this is very important. subsequent treatments may adjust to fewer days)
  • chemical peel or laser treatment - Wait 14 days depending upon strength of peel or laser
  • clients prone to PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation) - Pre-treat for at least 2 weeks prior to dermaplaning with melanin suppressant serum
  • diabetes - Must be under control by diet or medication
  • cancer - Not while undergoing treatment
  • accutane or Isotretinoin - After 12 months of non-use and with doctors approval
  • prescription blood thinners or history of bleeding problems/delayed coagulation following injury
  • higher dosages or frequency of use of Aspirin (may cause bleeding problems)
  • acne - Grade 3 or above, active rosacea flare ups
  • pustular acne lesion that is red and irritated
  • cystic acne lesion - Avoid area
  • cold Sores - Reschedule
  • moles & Skin Tags & lumps/bumps- Avoid area
  • sunburn or windburned skin
  • clients who are experiencing high anxiety
  • clients undergoing any surgery/procedure must be approved by the physician

after care:

dermaplaning is a form of manual exfoliation, using a blade to gently scrape off dead skin cells from the surface, revealing newer, fresher skin. as we age, cell turnover decreases, so the dead skin accumulates. removing this old cells allows your skin to feel smoother, brighter and softer. it is imperative that you take care of the skin afterwards because your skin has just been “shed”. we want to protect that brand new layer of skin from the elements. below are some instructions to help prevent any complications. but also, enjoy your fresh face!

the initial 24-48h post treatment:

avoid sun exposure as much as possible. if you will be in the sun, apply spf 30 and reapply every 2 hours. try to seek shade, wear a hat.
avoid exposure to heat, heavy workouts, steam rooms, or saunas.
use a gentle cleanser and avoid hot water. keep good hydration.
use generous amounts of products to keep skin moisturized, supple
use abrasive wash cloths, scrubs, over manipulation of skin, extra exfoliation, or abrasive electric scrubbers or take hot showers.
get waxed, lasered, or a chemical peel. you may wax prior, however the waxed areas will not be dermaplaned due to irritation.


make sure cosmetic brushes are clean and use new makeup to prevent clogging or bacteria contact. also keep face cloths clean. wash them regularly along with pillow cases.
schedule every 4 weeks for best results and continue homecare, now that your skin absorbs products much more for increased efficacy.
use benzoyl peroxide, retin-a or salicylic acid for at least 5 days following treatment. (for darker skin tones: use a lightening serum to reduce risk of pigment production.)

*please be aware as with any treatment, there are risks. these instructions should help with minimizing any complications. however, everyone’s skin is different and will react differently. because we are sloughing off the skin cells, you may experience some minor breakouts, redness, tightness, due to water loss & especially with your first time. please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


*** important! who it's NOT for (contraindications): ***

restricting service:

  • infectious/contagious diseases/skin conditions
  • heat rash
  • hives, open sores
  • inflammation
  • allergies to wax
  • lumps/bumps
  • swelling, irritated skin
  • sunburn/rash
  • some scar tissues
  • recent fractures
  • hypersensitive skin
  • bruises/abrasions/lesions
  • acne medicine:
  • topically/orally (retin a, accutane, differin, retinol)
  • aha/bha/glycolic peels or topical creams
  • laser treatments/botox/chemcial peels/microderms

requiring medical permission:

  • certain moles/skin tags
  • hormonal implants
  • varicose veins
  • nerve damage/conditions
  • cardiovascular conditions
  • recent surgical operations
  • diabetes
  • blood thinning medication
  • hypertension/hypotension
  • thrombosis
  • phlebitis
  • certain antibiotics
  • severe rosacea
  • vitamin a products
  • condition being treated by physician

after care:

the initial 24-48h post treatment:

-avoid any friction or rubbing, hot tub, sun, tanning, nooners
-leave the area alone and avoid any bacteria exposure the first 48h. (especially lips. they can be reactive post threading)
-try to avoid touching the area, applying any face oil, any make up, any heavy creams or lotions. you may apply pure aloe to help soothe and calm the skin.
-avoid any sweating or swimming since the pores are more exposed.

after 48 to 72 hrs

-exfoliating with scrub 1 to 3x a week. adjust according to how your skin handles it. be gently on the face, but little more aggressive on body parts.
-moisturize with a body oil everyday, or every other day if you cant do it everyday. that should keep ingrowns away and keep the skin supple.


-sometimes the skin will have difference reactions. even if you have been waxing or threading for a long time. this may still occur.

-one is a histamine reaction. so the bumps look like "hives". you may use anti-itch cream or ask the pharmacy for an anti-histamine topical cream.

-the other is a bacterial reaction. the bumps will look like white dots. that will take up to a week to disappear. you may apply a anti-bacterial cream to help.

-lastly, sometimes skin is just high maintenance and picky. regardless of what you do, it will rebel and react. these tips should help minimize them, but unfortunately cannot be guaranteed.


  • cancellations and reschedules less than 12h will result in 25$ charge.
    depending on the circumstance, you may receive a freebie, however it is a case by case basis.
  • new clients, please arrive 5min early to fill out intake form. this is for both you and the practitioner's safety.
  • if you have any changes in your health or the like, please inform the practitioner so your form can be updated.
  • if you are more than 5min late, please text to notify. it is not guaranteed you will still be seen.
  • when booking, you will be asked to input a credit card to schedule the appointment. this is to prevent no shows. 
  • no-shows will also result in a 25$ charge.
  • children is not allowed in the studio, however i understand there are circumstances. this will be a case by case. babies are fine as long as they are content in a carrier.