:face parts:

wow brow ~ 20

the bridge across (uni-brow) ~ 5

pucker up (lip) ~ 10

not by the hair of my chinny (chin) ~ 10

pinch my (cheeks) ~ 15

smack on the (forehead) ~ 10

let's burn those sides ~ 10

full face (all the above) ~ 55

neck to neck ~ 15

:what sets me apart you say:

around these parts (pun intended), i advocate for "you" brows, rather than "magazine" brows. not everyone is born with these brows. (honestly, i don't fancy it.)

what we naturally have is what mother nature provided. and she knows best. this "perfect" brow is not meant to be a template for everyone.

we don't have the same face shape, eye shape, head shape, body shape, arch shape, etc, etc. i mean, our very own 2 brows are not even symmetrical! (think sisters, not twins.)

hence, this "magazine" brow cannot be a one size fits all. which is why i only thread "you" brows.
surely, you don't want to be like everyone else right?