i will be out of the studio from jan to mar, to volunteer abroad in mexico!

you should have received an email regarding the details.
if not, let me know and i can send you the info.

my last day to take clients will be dec. 27th,
possibly a bit sooner as i am also in the process of remodeling the space prior to my departure.

online booking will be unavailable as dec approaches. email notification will be sent out when books are open again.

i look forward to seeing you all when i return! 
-ana huang

*if you are feeling generous, please visit my gofundme campaign!
it helps cover the cost of my 2 pups to stay in doggy daycare while i'm away.
sharing the link to friends or family is also helpful! thank you so much!


welcome to esthibar

a hangout place for all your

what's my motto?

keep brows weird!
keep lawns mowed!
keep faces smooth!

what's it like?

it's very KISS (keep it simply simple) here.
you come in, receive a service like you're having a ball with your BFF,
pay me, and we get to do it all over again the next month.
it's fun.
let's return to simpler times shall we?



~ana huang~

my components:

*mower + tamer + smoother
*foodie + all things food
* passion for travel
*love the office + parks&rec
*pdx, or. native
*fav place =
where it's always 80 deg

*dog owner of 2 (wolfie & livie)
*fav quote =
"count memories, not calories"

*licensed esthetician:
or #10147045

*dermaplanepro certified
*crochet-er, not a knit-er

tues - sat
mostly by appts
text/stop by for
spontaneous ones!


snail mail:
8532 n ivanhoe st. #207
pdx, or 97203
(above block bikes shop)

cheetah mail: