greetings & welcome!

welcome esthibar, a fun, hangout place
for all your hair removal needs!

i'm just looking for friends to let me rip out hair, 
while having a ball, of course!

:keep brows weird:
:keep lawns mowed:
:keep faces smooth:

:referral program:
10$ off for you
your referral!


remember the good old fashioned hair salons, many moons ago? when women would regularly get their perms, men would frequent their barbers?

they would come in to tell, or listen to stories. they would have a great time chattin' it up. it was the best of times, it was the genuine of times.

we've all learned the golden rule when we were ankle-biters. that is the mantra here. no bullies allowed, only best friends here.

i believe we have the ability to connect authentically,to be kind, and to be just jolly good folks.

remember people used to communicate face to face,
as mother nature intended us to, by gifting us our wonderful braniums? let's just talk, and hang out!

this is not your typical, (nowadays) mainstream salon.
let's return to simpler, happy times, shall we?

if you believe in the aforementioned, gather 'round!

ana huang

*waxer + threader
*foodie + all things food
* passion for travel
*fav shows = the office + parks&rec
*pdx, or. native
*fav place = where it's always 80 deg
*dog owner of 2 (wolfie & livie)
*fav quote = "count memories, not calories"