welcome to esthibar,
a fun, hangout place
for all your hair removal needs!
so come on in!  
i'm just looking for friends to let me rip out hair,
while having a ball, of course!

i promise i won't be a wet rag!

~referral program~
10$ off for you &
your referral!


remember the good old fashioned hair salons, many moons ago? when women would regularly get their perms, men would frequent their barbers?

they would come in to tell, or listen to stories. they would have a great time chattin' it up. it was the best of times, it was the genuine of times. 

we've all learned the golden rule when we were ankle-biters. that is the mantra here. no bullies allowed, only best friends here.

i believe we have the ability to connect authentically,to be kind, and to be just jolly good folks.

remember people used to communicate face to face,
as mother nature intended us to, by gifting us our wonderful braniums? let's just talk, and hang out!

this is not your typical, (nowadays) mainstream salon.
let's return to simpler, happy times, shall we?
if you believe in the aforementioned, gather 'round!


~ana huang~ 

*waxer + threader
*foodie + all things food
* passion for travel
*love the office + parks&rec
*pdx, or. native 
*fav place = where it's always 80 deg
*dog owner of 2 (wolfie & livie)
*fav quote = "count memories, not calories" 


~face parts~

wow brow ~ 20

the bridge across (uni-brow) ~ 5

pucker up (lip) ~ 10

not by the hair of my chinny (chin) ~ 10

pinch my (cheeks) ~ 15

smack on the (forehead) ~ 10

let's burn those sides ~ 10

full face (all the above) ~ 55

neck to neck ~ 15

what sets me apart you say?

around these parts (pun intended), i advocate for "you" brows, rather than "magazine" brows. not everyone is born with these brows. (honestly, i don't fancy it.)

what we naturally have is what mother nature provided. and she knows best. this "perfect" brow is not meant to be a template for everyone.

we don't have the same face shape, eye shape, head shape, body shape, arch shape, etc, etc. i mean, our very own 2 brows are not even symmetrical! (think sisters, not twins.)

hence, this "magazine" brow cannot be a one size fits all. which is why i only thread "you" brows.
surely, you don't want to be like everyone else right? 


many people have the misconception that waxing is just taking the hair out.
however, contrary to popular belief, it's quite clinical. as with clinical procedures, there are risks and precautions.

as such, it may not be suitable for everyone. waxing involves dealing with skin,
the largest organ in the human body. because it is our first line of defense, we need to make sure it's well protected.

please always consult with your physician if you are uncertain.

below are some contraindications
(red flags for waxing)

restricting service:

  • infectious/contagious diseases/skin conditions
  • heat rash
  • hives, open sores
  • inflammation
  • allergies to wax
  • lumps/bumps
  • swelling, irritated skin
  • sunburn/rash
  • some scar tissues
  • recent fractures
  • hypersensitive skin
  • bruises/abrasions/lesions
  • acne medicine: 
    topically/orally (retin a, accutane, differin, retinol)
  • aha/bha/glycolic peels or topical creams
  • laser treatments/botox/chemcial peels/microderms

requiring medical permission:

  • certain moles/skin tags
  • hormonal implants
  • varicose veins
  • nerve damage/conditions
  • cardiovascular conditions
  • recent surgical operations
  • diabetes
  • blood thinning medication
  • hypertension/hypotension
  • thrombosis
  • phlebitis
  • certain antibiotics
  • severe rosacea
  • vitamin a products
  • condition being treated by physician


~private parts~

itsy bitsy (bikini)

coin slot (crack)

a trip to brazil (brazilian)
welcome back (maintenance)
*w/in 4wk only

the other cheeks (glutes)

~body parts~

ears ~ 10

monkey arms ~ 45
up top ~ 25
down low ~ 20

deltoids ~ 15

never sees sun (underarms) ~ 15

fur coat (back) ~ 40
half ~ 25

inner thigh ~ 15

full body ~ 100/h

long winter (legs) ~ 75
up top ~ 45
down low ~ 35

feet ~ 10

paws ~ 10

nippies ~ 10

happy trail ~ 10

one pack (abdomen) ~ 20

phalanges (fingers+toes) ~ 10

wool sweater (chest) ~ 20


how come there's still hair after the initial wax?
the initial wax sets the foundation for long term waxing. the goal of waxing is to weaken the follicles overtime so that eventually, it will stop producing hair. this takes time...

unfortunately, nothing in life is perfect. there is no magic pill or genies out there. hence, there is also no miracle wax that will leave you a hairless cat for all eternity!

instead we strive for an "ideal" wax, which depends on several variables. have you shaved prior? how long ago? how well did you hair take the wax? is your skin in good condition to be waxed? is it irritated, dry, ashy, flaky? what is your hair type?

we want to get it as much hair as possible, but you also have to understand that hair grows on skin. when we wax the hair, we are also dealing with skin. and the skin is our protective barrier, which should not be compromised. this is why it's important to make sure the skin is at optimal condition to be waxed.

when is it too long or short?
if it's been >3mos, or you can braid the hair, tie it up in a ponytail, flat iron it, turn it into a perm,etc. that should give you an answer.

ideally, you want to come every 4wks. that is how long a complete hair growth cycle lasts.

the hair should be 1" long. if you absolutely cannot wait, then 1/2". unless you want a half-ass wax job, longer is better = cleaner removal. patience, young grasshopper!

i do not trim, clip, cut, shave, or groom. no exceptions.

what if i can't go all the way?
sometimes in life, you just can't get it right the first time. i'd like to start off people with the bikini and move their way up. that way, clients won't end up with half a bush.
if it's totally unbearable, we will reschedule.

can i bring a friend or munchkins?
friends are great when it comes to activities like this. however, unless that friend is your parent and you are under 18, then no.

they won't be able to help you anyway. they are more than welcome to hang out in the waiting area. no partners allowed either.

as for your children, if your baby is content in a carrier, that is fine by me. any child older than that would need to be in the waiting area. they have better things to do anyway.

can i go exercise or take a nooner afterwards?
who am i to say no? although, i will say it's not recommended. the area will be inflamed, red, irritated. the pores are more susceptible to germs
it's best to wait 48hrs to do anything that is going to be sweaty and rubbing in that area.it's not going to feel great. but whatever floats your freshly polished boat.

does it hurt?
yes, yes, yes.
lots of things in life hurt, good news is, it is a quick process so it will hurt, but only for a split second.
it's honestly not that bad, even if you are on your menstrual cycle, (though it can be more sensitive for others). there's really no way around that because it happens every darn month.

sometimes, the follicles will bleed as well. those who have thicker, coarser hair, or just prone to bleeding. however, it subsides quickly. it is just the nature of the procedure. we are yanking out hair so your body will be angry at you.

what if i am "excited"?
this is a very common question for a trip to brazil (genital hair removal) my answer to that is...
'what would dory do?'
just keep waxing!!

it's a natural body function, so let's all be adults here and keep it professional please. i'm not going to take it personally, and neither should you, really.

i suggest you think of something that disgusts you. furthermore, if you're looking for a reaction from me, hit the road!

does the hair grow back coarser, or faster, or thicker?
did it ever grow back more coarse or faster when you over-tweezed those brows way back when? (though some of us wish that)

hair grows in 3 different phases (anagen, telegen, catagen) and all together they last 4wks long.

again, this is dependent on the individual. that is why it takes at least 3 visits (sometimes more) for all the hairs to be in sync, and why it's important to return every 4wks.

no, it grows back finer and there will be less. it may seem like it grows faster because you are not used to seeing it baby smooth.
and due to the hairs reaching different phases.

also, if this theory was true, i'd think we overcome baldness.

what is threading?
it's similar to tweezing but, a thread is used. hair is still removed by the root completely, with a twisting motion of the thread.

threading is suitable for all types of skin and ages. it leaves little to no redness behind and is a very natural method. maintenance is every 4wks, but can be done as early as 2wks depending on the individual.

if the hair is stubborn & thick, or if the skin is not in good condition, it can also pinpoint bleed a bit. that can happen but it subsides fast. again, we are disrupting the homeostasis of our bodies hence, they will protest!

i only offer threading for facial areas. threading is not done on the body.

can i come in after my tanning appt, or workout, or on my period?
tanning appointment, definitely no. the skin has just been exposed to uv light and will not be suitable for waxing. you need to wait min. 48hrs, sometimes longer depending on your skin condition.

workout, yes, though it's not ideal because the skin will be sweaty. i would try to shower prior to coming in, at least a rinse to get the sweat off.

menstrual cycle, yes. however, you will be more sensitive.

what if i feel uncomfortable during the service?
i am not going to force anyone to go through a service they are not comfortable with so, we will just end it where your comfort level is.
but, you will have to get naked and...once the wax is on, there's no turning back!

what to expect at the appt?
first you will fill out an intake form. then a consultation will be done.
next, you will be asked to undress.

during the service you will be asked to help hold the skin taught. don't worry, it will go by much more smoothly and efficiently with your help.

after the service is complete, you will get dressed, i will go over aftercare and then we prebook your next appt. hooray!

what if i am baking buns in the oven?
pregnant women's got hair too. actually a lot more hair. just to warn you though, everything is heightened when you are pregnant so be prepared to be more sensitive, mama bear.

if you are baking for >5mos, & are a virgin waxer, or haven't been waxed in >6mos,i highly recommend a patch test prior to scheduling an appt, and also check w/ your dr.


cheetah mail:

IG: @esthibarllc

email or text
is the best way to contact me,
since i am not always able to answer a call.

8532 n ivanhoe st.
ste 207

pdx, or 97203

(small parking lot
adjacent to building)

open mostly by appointments,
tues - sat.
text/stop by for spontaneous ones!