what is threading?
threading is a form of hair removal. similar to tweezing, it pulls the hair out completely by the root, using a twisting motion of the thread. it is less painful and great for people with sensitive skin, or is not a candidate for sugar or waxing.

threading creates a more defined shape and also grabs the vellous hairs allowing for a more clean, yet natural shape. 

how come there's still hair after the initial wax?
the initial wax sets the foundation for long term waxing. the goal of waxing is to weaken the follicles overtime, so that eventually, it will stop producing hair. this takes time... there's no magic.

unfortunately, nothing in life is perfect. there is no magic pill or genies out there. hence, there is also no miracle wax that will leave you a hairless cat for all eternity!

instead we strive for an "ideal" wax, which depends on several variables. have you shaved prior? how long ago? how well did you hair take the wax? is your skin in good condition to be waxed? is it irritated, dry, ashy, flaky? what is your hair type?

we want to get it as much hair as possible, but you also have to understand that hair grows on skin. when we wax the hair, we are also dealing with skin. and the skin is our protective barrier, which should not be compromised. this is why it's important to make sure the skin is at optimal condition to be waxed.

when is it too long or short? should i shave before?
if it's been >3mos, or you can braid the hair, tie it up in a ponytail, flat iron it, turn it into a perm, etc. that should give you an answer.

ideally, you want to come every 4wks. that is how long a complete hair growth cycle lasts.

the hair should be 1" long. if you absolutely cannot wait, then 1/2". unless you want a half-ass wax job, longer is better = cleaner removal. patience, young grasshopper! so no shaving before, after, or in between please.

i do not trim, clip, cut, shave, or groom. no exceptions.

what if i'm not a "male" or "female"?
and what if you're not...? i wax according to the anatomical body parts. you either have an innie (vagina) or and outie (penis), so when booking, just pick whichever one you have. if you have a combination of the two, or something else, challenge accepted.

what if i can't go all the way?
sometimes in life, you just can't get it right the first time. i'd like to start off people with the bikini and move their way up. that way, clients won't end up with half a bush. if it's totally unbearable, we will reschedule.

can i bring a friend, partner, or munchkins?
why would your children want to be here anyway? they have better things to do. your friend may provide emotional support in the waiting area while you are being "tortured", as some have described. as for your "partner", in a perfect world, i would but we don't live in one. 

what is a bikini vs brazilian wax?
the bikini is much more conservative than a brazilian. think of when you wear a bikini, where the line sits. only about 2 inches into that line is where the hair is removed, so all the hair outside of that line is gone, but everything the bikini is covering, is not. 

brazilian, takes everything off. top, labia, crack. you may customize it to the following "designs". You can leave on the top, dorito chip, path, or strip. no fancy shapes or patterns. i'm no artist. we can leave the labia and crack untouched. 

i only have these 2 options. I don't have an in between service (sometimes it's referred to as the thong wax, the extended bikini, the french, etc). because honestly, you either want a swim suit ready wax, or the full shebang. like seriously. what good does an in between wax do? go big or go home.

can i go exercise or take a nooner afterwards?
who am i to say no? although, i will say it's not recommended. the area will be inflamed, red, irritated. the pores are more susceptible to germs. it's best to wait 48hrs to do anything that is going to be sweaty and rubbing in that area. it's not going to feel that great, but whatever floats your freshly polished boat. just don't come back whining to me when your skin is all jacked up. 

does it hurt?
yes, yes, yes. (except for dermaplaning)
lots of things in life hurt. it's why i myself still am tattoo less. good news is, it is a quick process so it will hurt, but only for a split second. it's honestly not that bad, even if you are on your menstrual cycle, (though it can be more sensitive for others). there's really no way around that because it happens every darn month.

sometimes, the follicles will bleed as well. those who have thicker, coarser hair, or just prone to bleeding. however, it subsides quickly. it is just the nature of the procedure. we are yanking out hair so your body will be angry at you.

what if i am "excited"?
this is a very common question for a trip to brazil (genital hair removal) my answer to that is...
'what would dory do?'
just keep waxing!!

it's a natural body function, so let's all be adults here and keep it professional please. i'm not going to take it personally, and neither should you, really. i've been around lots of penises, they aren't that good looking.

i suggest you think of something that repulsively disgusts you. furthermore, if you're looking for a reaction from me, hit the road, toad.

does the hair grow back coarser, or faster, or thicker?
did it ever grow back more coarse or faster when you over-tweezed those brows way back when? (though some of us wish that)

hair cycle contains 3 phases. this varies between individuals. that is why it takes at least 3 visits (sometimes more) for all the hairs to be in sync, and why it's important to return every 4wks.

no, it grows back finer and there will be less. it may seem like it grows faster because you are not used to seeing it baby smooth and due to the hairs reaching different phases.

what is dermaplaning? 
it is a service where i take a sterile surgical blade to gently scrape off dead skin cells on the face. sounds scary? it's not. the blade is only targeting the superficial layer of the skin, the stratum corneum. it does not penetrate into the dermis and no, i will not cut you. it is so gently and light, you literally will fall asleep. 

obviously, with any treatment, there are risks. you may have some small knicks and paper cuts from the blade. your skin may feel dry and breakout for a couple of days. with good home-care, those are easily resolved.

can i come in after my tanning appt, or workout, or on my period?
tanning appointment, definitely no. the skin has just been exposed to uv light and will not be suitable for waxing. you need to wait min. 48hrs, sometimes longer depending on your skin condition.

workout, yes, though it's not ideal because the skin will be sweaty. i would try to shower prior to coming in, at least a rinse to get the sweat off.

menstrual cycle, yes. just have a plug in it of some sort so you're not painting my bed red. however, you will be more sensitive.

what if i feel uncomfortable during the service?
i am not going to force anyone to go through a service they are not comfortable with so, we will just end it where your comfort level is. but, you will have to get naked and...once the wax is on, there's no turning back!

if I, ME, feel uncomfortable during the service, you're out.

what to expect at the appt?
first you will fill out an intake form. then a consultation. next, you will be asked to undress. yes undress, as in take off your clothing. i've had toclarify this before so....

during the service you will be asked to help hold the skin taught. don't worry, it will go by much more smoothly and efficiently with your help.

after the service is complete, you will get dressed, i will go over aftercare and then we prebook your next appt. hooray!

what if i am baking buns in the oven?
pregnant women's got hair too. actually a lot more hair. just to warn you though, everything is heightened when you are pregnant so be prepared to be more sensitive, mama bear.

if you are baking for >5mos, & are a virgin waxer, or haven't been waxed in >6mos, i highly recommend a patch test prior to scheduling an appt, and also check w/ your dr.

what wax or thread do i use?
i use both soft and hard wax, aka strip and stripless wax. i use hard wax on more sensitive areas. soft wax for majority of the body. my wax is mostly plant based and eco-friendly and compostable!

i use typical sewing thread. it's a combination of cotton and polyester.